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It's not Mario ..... it's me ....

I'm mainly a pure Linux Enthusiast, fascinated by the OS, the various solutions, the wide community and OpenSource itself.

But see more of my story in the "About me" section ..... 

Back to core LINUX (@SUSE !)

1st of March 2017, I started @SUSE as Onsite DSE (Dedicated System Engineer) for a large public employer in Nuremberg.

With this, a dream became true .... because ....
  • ... I was able to join THE (for me ultimate) Linux
    OpenSource company as a regular employee !
  • ... I started learning Linux in 1992 with SUSE's
     first Linux distribution !
  • ... I worked since 2009 as partner@HPE side-by-side
    with SUSE and deployed many SLES-based solutions !
  • ... this allowed me to finally rejoin the deep-technical
    Linux community for my daily work life !
  • ... I can bridge now, what I missed the last 4 years !
  • ... one could say:  WORK <=> PRIVATE .... circle closes !

Trains, trains, trains .....

Deeply influenced by my non-IT childhood in the early 80th,
I reconsidered together with my elder son to transform our
backyard into a model railway area - of course a project, spanning several years and build phases:

  • 2015 - Raised bed with small railway station, wind mill
    and tunnel below
  • 2015 - Cable connectivity through tubes to the future 
    control center/signal box (in the new garden house)
  • 2016 - Shadow railway station under the new, wooden
    garden house (3 x 3 x 1.5 meter room !)
  • 2017 - Spring (planned) - Connection of the shadow railway station to the "outer world"
  • 2017 - Summer/Autumn (planned) - Layout of the main
    rails through the garden
  • 2018 - Spring/Summer/Autumn - Landscape "beautifying", build of the houses, streets, infrastructure etc.

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